About Susan Lyn

Susan Lyn has an unhealthy obsession with romance. Married to her real-life book boyfriend she dreams up situations and then gives everyone a happily ever after.

Haythen Construction

Haythen Construction is the backdrop for this 6-book series about a tight group of friends as each of them find their way to happiness. Leah, motorcycle mama, Gail, feisty and fed up, Viv, the caregiver, Arif, cuddly entrepreneur, Dave, Dad of the year, and Rick, under fire. They bonded while working at Haythen Construction and their friendship buoys them through life’s challenges.

Read the series for lost loves, matchmaking shenanigans and vicious vendettas.

In My Words

See what I get up to in between book launches while I figure out what the heck I'm doing. Mayhem, sarcasm and just plain weirdness shall prevail.

2022 was a helluva year. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Apparently, whoever is writing my life story gave me a bit of a break over the summer. Then, just when I was building motivation to start publishing again, they threw a tragic plot twist into the works. My …

We’re getting there! The water leak under the lawn is fixed. The new drywaller I hired is almost done his part. I can paint the new walls this weekend. I’ve purged most of the items in our house that are unworthy to use as staging for the house showing. It’s amazing what people will take …

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