Susan Lyn is the married lady with a naughty twinkle in her eye. She appreciates fantastic set of abs and vows to be that resident on the front porch of her nursing home who ‘accidentally’ drops her cane to watch the delivery men bend over to retrieve it for her.

She got hooked on romances when she was twelve. Her mother and grandmothers were voracious readers but they refused to let Susan read the books they deemed too steamy for her delicate pre-teen sensibilities. There are unconfirmed reports, she may have pilfered some of the forbidden books. Which would also explain her ability to read quickly, as it was imperative to finish those novels before their absence was discovered.

Susan grew up, got married, got divorced, and then stayed single until she learned how to love and value herself enough to have a healthy relationship. Marriage #2 is proof she learned her lesson. Mr. Lyn has inspired more than a few heroes.

When asked what type of books she likes best, she’ll tell you it’s romance stories that deal with real life. Where ordinary, relatable people can find their happily ever after, even after they’ve had several false starts in the love department.

During her decade and a half of singlehood, those were the books that gave her hope that she wouldn’t be single forever.

Her books are about regular people, in real bodies, with everyday jobs. Her characters encounter stressful situations and find love as they overcome the obstacles in their path.