Feeling Like A Character

Over the past week, I’ve had the urge to apologize to every character I’ve ever written, or hell, even read. Why, you ask?

It seems, that whoever is writing my life decided to take it in a different direction. Instead of the happy-go-lucky, making-the-best-of-it, life I’d been leading has turned into a comedy of mishaps. I feel like I’m past the point where, if I was a Beta reader I’d say, “Okay, reign it in, no one would have that much bad luck in real life. It’s getting unbelievable”

On the plus side, each adventure is fodder for a story. One adventure per character, not all of them as I’ve been handed.

  • Previously well-regarded contractor disappears half way through the renovation and takes my deposits with him – check
  • Subcontractor holds my ability to do laundry hostage for leverage to get paid from said contractor – sigh
  • Semi-disabled hubby fell because the renovations weren’t done which should have eliminated hazards to his health – Grrrr
  • Seller of the house I was purchasing tragically died – sad but true
  • Almost ready to put our current house on the market and water starts bubbling up through my lawn – yup
  • Car constantly has a dead battery because I haven’t driven it enough to keep it charged – uh huh

Good news, I have enough material to keep new books coming for years 🙂






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