Book Lengths

I have to admit, I love the new book lengths which have emerged with the advent of e-books. With print books, romances needed to be around the 200 page mark to be published. Shorter stories weren’t profitable to print.

As a writer, 75-100 pages seems to be my sweet spot. These novels are long enough to have substance yet short enough for readers to fit into their busy schedules. I’ve tried to write the shorter lunch-breakable ones, but my characters have too much to say. Maybe someday 🙂

As a reader, I’m an equal opportunity book lover.

Over the weekends, I love digging in to a complex 350 pager. When I do my hour-long, morning walk (i.e. pacing back and forth in my family room while the rest of my household sleeps), I love the ones I can start and finish in the same session. When I need a mid-day break, I love the little 35-50 pagers. I can read them in one shot and then have that happy ending to motivate me for the rest of my day.

Although, a warning for the shorter stories when they’re in a series. Like Lay’s Potato Chips, one is never enough. It’s so easy to say, “Aw, but the next one will only take 30 minutes, I can do it.”… five books later I’ve finished the entire series and nothing on my to do list had been accomplished.


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