Like A Snapped Elastic

Ever played with a sling shot or even just stretched an elastic too far and then watched it overshoot your hand when it’s released. Flinging whatever was bound by the catapult to the four winds

That, dear friends, is what my brain is like these days.

Life got in the way and I stopped writing for almost a decade. I still did weekly writing exercises and attempted NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) a few times but I didn’t purposefully write with the intention to complete a project.

Life changed again, and the first thing I did was dust off my keyboard.

Flash forward a few months and I have six completed stories, several plotted but not written, and one halfway to completion. (Did I mention I used to be a pantser, i.e. write by the seat of my pants – I used to be allergic to plotting.)

The Virgo in me, is itching to finish the stories in a coordinated and timely manner. But the creative muse who has been silenced for too long, waits for no one. The damn muse woke me up at 5am with such a disturbing dream-scape scene that I immediately had to figure out how the two people in my dream, who loved each other so deeply, could ever reach his point of trying to destroy each other. Yeah, not my usual tone for a book.

Did I mention I am NOT a morning person! And yet, by seven, I had a 520 word plot line typed out on my phone complete with main story arc, a secondary arc and lots of twisting details.

Hopefully, this over compensation by my brain will settle so I can finish the stories already plotted instead of creating new ones. Don’t get me wrong, as an author, this is a very good problem to have. As a taskmaster with a to-do list a mile long…Aiyeeeeeeee


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