Fictional Universe

As a reader, I love reading stories from the same universe. It’s like unexpectedly bumping into an old friend.

I am the worst at remembering things like author’s names and book titles. I’m the same with songs. I can’t tell you the band or album’s name but I can hum you the tune and sing the lyrics.

It’s a thrill for me when I read a new release and realize I already know the secondary character. I know how they met their spouse and wow, really? They have three children now? Is she still CEOing the pants out of her company?

It gives me such a sense of satisfaction to see how they’ve made it in the long run. Sure, I read their bonus epilogues, but hearing how well the character is doing from an unexpected separate source, just makes it that much more real. Right?!

When I started the Haythen Construction series, I had six stories in my head. I wrote them together because they happened in a short timeframe and had a lot of intertwining scenes. If I changed a scene in one book, I had to make sure it carried over to the others.

As I wrote, I met more characters who demanded to have their story told. They are Haythen Adjacent. So there will be guest appearances and perhaps a little matchmaking from our old friends from Haythen.

It will be odd when I write the stand alone series I’ve plotted. I already feel like I’m cheating on my characters by not letting them make an appearance.


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