Climb Every Mountain

We’re getting there!

The water leak under the lawn is fixed.

The new drywaller I hired is almost done his part. I can paint the new walls this weekend.

I’ve purged most of the items in our house that are unworthy to use as staging for the house showing. It’s amazing what people will take off your hands when you put it at the end of your driveway and slap a “Free Stuff” sign on it. The burnt orange floral couch set, circa the 70s, was gone before I could put the cushions back on after pulling it out of the basement 🙂

And… most importantly, I’m almost completely packed except for what we’ll take on the plane with us.

15 sleeps until we fly home.

Don’t fret, I’ve had stories stewing in my head throughout all of this upheaval. My next series is almost done and I’ll have my phone and tablet charged and ready for the 4.5 + 2 hour flight home, to get them finished and flesh out the new ones rattling around in my brain.

I think there’s room for a strapping construction boss who swoops in to remedy the mess left by a dishonest contractor, don’t you?

Plus, Amelia Dax has a whole new series where she sex-capades herself right across the country.

Things are definitely looking up.




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