Love doesn’t always happen when and how you want. Sometimes it happens when you’re otherwise occupied and don’t have time for the distraction. Sometimes your heart and soul are so battered and bruised you’re not sure you dare to try again. Sometimes, the story doesn’t end with marriage and babies.

Haythen Construction is the backdrop for this 6-book series about a tight group of friends as each of them find their way to happiness. Leah, motorcycle mama, Gail, feisty and fed up, Viv, the caregiver, Arif, cuddly entrepreneur, Dave, Dad of the year, and Rick, under fire. They bonded while working at Haythen Construction and their friendship buoys them through life’s challenges, even though some have left the company.

Read the series for lost loves, matchmaking shenanigans and vicious vendettas.

This series is written in sequence with reoccurring characters. While each can be read as a stand-alone, there will be spoilers if read out of order. All books are about real people, overcoming real obstacles, and have a happily ever after.

Books 1-4 are now available on, and Kindle Unlimited

RH - CoverRacing Hearts – Leah used to work the tools as an electrician and race motorbikes on the weekends. When her daughters were born, she switched to the office for better hours. Mark didn’t want children but had always admired Leah from afar. When Leah split from her daughters’ father, could they find a way to make it work?

RH - CoverRugby Relationships – Gail was fed up with her ex-husband’s overbearing ways, especially with their kids. Life didn’t need to be a magazine cover. Then a familiar voice across the rugby field changed everything. Detective Dean Reynolds never expected to see Gail again. Especially not as coach to her seventeen-year-old son.

RH - CoverMail Escort – Viv already had her second chance at love even though these days, it included being a caregiver to her dementia addled husband. Still, she felt guilty as she teased and joked with Mikail, the mail carrier. He’d become a bright spot in her day as she juggled work and looking after her husband’s increasing needs. Will Mikail be the help she didn’t know she could ask for?

RH - CoverIsolated Complications – Arif is the big-hearted, teddy-bear of a friend, always the friend, despite the relentless match-making shenanigans of his friends. Kamila is exactly who he’s looking for. Even better, there’s no hint of friend zone when she looks back at him. But this is real life and the pandemic complicates everything.

RH - CoverMistaken Identity – Dave Hannah strikes up an online friendship with fellow single dad, ALVIE on a Single Parent’s Anonymous online forum. ALVIE is really Allison Vietz, who thinks her forum-friend DHANNAH, is a woman named Dhannah. Unbeknownst to either of them, they just met in real life.

RH - CoverFalsely Accused – Rick’s life is blown apart when his ex girlfriend’s daughter accuses him of the unspeakable. As his court date grows closer, he’s introduced to Tamera who immediately makes a hasty retreat. She has no choice. She is the Child Protective Services worker assigned to the case.