Creating An Identity

As I get ready to publish for the first time in almost a decade, I realize much has changed.

All of the popular novelists do newsletters and blogs and interact on social media. These were new, unexplored and wild frontiers last time I tried to do this… and I do want to be one of those popular novelists 🙂

I’ve been reading newsletters as they come in through my inbox. There are varying degrees of transparency into author’s personal lives. While I seem to have no filter when it comes to myself, I also recognize that other people in my life may not appreciate being put on display. I need to find the balancing point because as we all know, cats do not go back into the bag.

This is especially challenging thanks to the pandemic. Due to extra health challenges in my household, we’ve been isolated more than most. So when I find someone to talk to it’s like verbal diarrhea. I’d like to spare my audience that spewage.

Some authors talk about their children. I wasn’t able to have any and my step kids are all grown. Some rely on their pets, sadly no Fido. Some talk about their husband, I love mine dearly but he prefers his privacy.



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