Writing During A Heat Wave


If you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you may recall a scene where she’d just saved the world (again) and she told Giles how badly her brain was fried. Giles started poetically waxing on about the events that had just occurred and Buffy looked at him and repeated, “Fire bad, tree pretty.”

That’s how my brain felt during the heat wave over the past few days. Mush.

To put the heat into perspective. We normally get heat warnings when temperatures climb above 30*C (low 90s for you folks Stateside). Last weekend we had temperatures of 41*C (105*F). It was brutal. Our Canadian bodies aren’t built for those temperatures, especially for multiple days in a row. Even my air conditioner had trouble keeping up.

Early mornings became my friend with slightly cooler temperatures.

I gave up on editing, because of brain mushiness. Happily, writing new material wasn’t as hard. It was like having a few drinks. The filters that normally would be present (also known as a writer’s inner editor) were completely toast.

I managed to write a few chapters of my new series before the days became too hot to do more than breathe.

Today feels almost frigid 🙂 we’re back to a normal temp of 25*C (77*F) and I’m back to editing book #4 of the Haythen Construction series that will be live in a few weeks.




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