New Phone

My new phone arrived on Monday and I’m super excited about it. My old one was slowly becoming toast and I needed something reliable to keep up with my imagination.

I’ve been playing with speech to text for story writing. Let me tell you, it’s a challenge. I usually feel like a three-year-old hopped up on sugar and juicy tangents when trying to tell someone a story… and there isn’t a backspace or delete button to cover my gaffs.

It’s a relief that my new phone has a much improved speech recognition ability. I’m crossing my fingers this translates into less editing time. (My old phone would add a period every time I paused for a breathe. It. Was. The. William Shatner. Method. Of punctuation.)

I’m knee deep in final edits and have the book covers all finished for the Haythen Constructions Series. I should have the first two up by the end of next week and the rest to follow shortly. WHEE!!!


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