Book One is LIVE!!

After going cross-eyed editing this series, Haythen Construction Book One, Racing Hearts is finally up for sale.

I know how frustrating it is to read a book, be teased about the next book in the series and have it not available to immediately dive into. So… Book Two, Rugby Relationships will be out this weekend, on July 18th. I’m doing the final formatting for it as I type.

Book three should be out on July 25th. Book Four on August First. Book Five on August 8th and finally Book Six on August 15th.

Never fear, there is still more to come post your Haythen Construction read-a-thon.

Series I’m currently working on:

Haythen Adjacent: Characters we met in the original series who begged for their own book. Keep an eye out for:

Naomi a.k.a. SEXYMAMABEAR.

Sarah’s ex-husband Jeremy has suffered enough. He deserves his own happily ever after.

Can Sarah be redeemed? Maybe it will take a Christmas miracle.

Decades: Other staff members at Haythen get a chance to tell their stories.

Four Decades – After dating in their 20s they lost touch. Close to retirement they reconnect.

Three Decades – She was always his Sue-Ma. Now she’s back.

Two Decades – He couldn’t resist the temptation and he lost her. But was it for good?

One Decade – She was too young. What would it take to prove him wrong.





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