Falsely Accused & What Comes Next

This feels like a banner day.

I’ll do one more… okay, I know I’m lying. It will be at least two more run throughs of Falsely Accused, the last installment of the Haythen Construction Series before uploading them this afternoon.

The Amazon deadline for uploading is 4:59pm (my time) this afternoon to satisfy the pre-order requirements for this book to hit the digital shelves on Sunday.

I swore to myself, when this series was done, I’d take a break and spend some quality time with Mr. Lyn. Apparently, my brain didn’t get the message. Sorry, Babe.

I was going to do the three Haythen Adjacent novels next. Then the Decades series, which also exists in the same world. I have them all plotted and some of them are already half-written… but an idea, also known as a plot bunny, took my brain on a wild chase into the world of DNA relatives.

Three of the seven DNA Relatives books are almost finished and the rest have the main plot points figured out.

What’s a girl to do? There are only so many hours in a day… maybe I’ll give up housework!!

In the meantime, Falsely Accused, the last book in the Haythen Construction Series goes live on Sunday morning.


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