A Day In The Life


So yesterday was a bust.(sorry, it made me late with this post)

The plan was to take Mr. Lyn to the lab for blood work, come back home, and write all day.

What actually happened?

We got in the car. The car wouldn’t start so I had to make very rapid alternate arrangements to get to the lab on time for our appointment. Once I got home again, I called BCAA for a boost and pray for an available emergency appointment at the car dealership to have the car looked at. It’s a 2008 so the potential for something going wrong with the wiring was huge.

The good news. It’s just a bad battery that won’t hold a charge anymore. Whew! I bought the battery last year, so it should still be under warranty I’ll call and find out today.

And the best news. While all this was happening, I had an idea for a story. So, the day wasn’t a complete disaster.

How about a retired mechanic who works for the tow service to rescue a daughter looking after her father? Car problems bring them together.

Could be a winner

So, since the car started today. I shall devote the day to writing.

I realized after the fact that I left Rugby Relationships, Isolated Complications, and Mistaken identity without good epilogues. I guess, I thought, you’d catch up with the characters in the rest of the series. But that’s no excuse.

Epilogues have been written and will be available for download soon.


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