Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Let me be a cautionary tale.

My alter-ego, who writes YA paranormal, adventure romance, put her novel, Hiding in Plain Sight on Amazon for presale prior to its relaunch.

Then she made an error when she put the wrong upload-manuscript deadline date in her calendar.

Big mistake. Huge! Amazon doesn’t like author’s violating the presale timeline. They cancelled the presale and I’m blocked from offering presales for 12 months. It will still be available for sale by Friday.

Luckily, I haven’t been using presales as part of my marketing strategy much. Now I have a year to build my reader base to be able to use them effectively by the time I’m allowed to offer presales again.

You’d think by the time I was the ripe old age I am, that I’d learn not to sabotage myself.

*Le Sigh*

Meanwhile the presale is still available for Re-Defining Naomi. It will go live on September 30, and yes, I have triple checked the dates in my calendar.

The six book Haythen Construction Series Anthology is also available for presale and will go live on October 1st.


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