new glasses

New Glasses

All the better to see you with… Nice abs!!

I was due to get new glasses last year and well, Covid. So I finally got my butt down to the optometrist to have my eyes tested. My new specs came in today and all I can say is wow. Seriously, wow.

I’m not sure how much is the new prescription and now much is the increased clarity without four years of nicks and scratches but it’s a whole new world out there.

The downside, I’ve lost the excuse I was using for messing up so much punctuation with my editor.

Now let’s see if it helps me edit faster.

Redefining Naomi will be up for presale this weekend and if you’re looking for something in Young Adult Adventure, Hiding in Plain Sight, will also be up for pre-sale this weekend under my alter ego, Sue Nelson Buckley.




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