It’s Autumn

As much as I love sunny days at the beach, fall is my favourite time of the year. This weekend, I’ll put away my tank tops and break out my long sleeved T-shirts and fuzzy leggings.

I refuse to get into the whole apple vs pumpkin spice debate because I love them both equally – as evidenced by my waistline 🙂 (Thank God for leggings, else I’d have no clothes that fit!!)

So while I’m bundling up for winter, I’ve been working hard on my speedy new laptop. The first book my alter-ego, Sue Nelson Buckley, is relaunching is almost through its double edit. (me with ProWritingAid and my proofreader) I figured if I’m going to relaunch, I should give the book a once over to be sure it’s the best it can be. It’ll be ready on September 17th.

Next up is Defining Naomi. I haven’t given it a launch date yet, but it will be in September. It’s done, I’m just polishing it until it shines. So far, Naomi is one of my favourite characters. She seems weak and flighty when we first meet her in Mistaken Identity, but we quickly learn how resilient she is now that she has her own book.

Plus, I think Mr. Lyn likes benefitting from my ‘extra attention’ after writing the steamy scenes.😉


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