stylized September 2021 Calendar


Goals for the month:

Release the box set for Haythen Construction. All six books in one volume. It will be available in paperback for all of you who prefer a physical book. Sadly, the 90-minute reads were too short to individually publish in paperback.

Finish the last bit of editing for Redefining Naomi. Time to find out what happens to SEXYMAMABEAR in this Haythen (Construction) Adjacent novel. Naomi is so much more than the frivolous, attention seeking, woman we met in Mistaken Identity. Now it’s her turn to shine.

Put on my alter-ego’s hat and finish editing my two, previously published Young/New Adult novels and update their covers.

Finish writing the Decades series. It’s close, so it shouldn’t take more than a hundred hours or so 🙂

Oh, and I should probably spend some time with Mr. Lyn. See what inspiration he can give me *wink*.


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