More Ideas Than Time


So, life is getting in the way and a move across the country is moving from maybe to definite. (Cue the panicked look around my cluttered office when I realize I’m going to have to start sorting the piles of papers)

Stupid me, put the cart before the horse and I saw an amazing property for sale 6 kilometers from my mom’s house. (Is it wrong to hope they can’t find a seller for a few months until I’m ready to make the move?)

Already, I have these great story ideas plaguing me as I try to fall asleep at night: A very, very friendly ghost (yeah, I know, not exactly real life). A mysterious stranger on the beach. A misunderstanding with a new neighbour… the possibilities are endless with the potential new backdrop.

In the meantime, I’ve been working hard on getting, Maybe There’s More, ready to publish. My goal is still mid-November.

If you’re looking for something a little more steamy and ‘out-there’, Amelia Dax is about to drop the 3rd short story in her erotic space opera. Each 20 page mini-novella is about a fun, sexy romp with different species as they come to introduce themselves to Earth’s inhabitants. Check out Earth Outpost 6-9 at (always free on Kindle Unlimited)



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