(Hopefully) My New View

So, it’s been a busy week.

Even though I wasn’t really ready to buy a house back east, I went to the bank to see if I had any options. He basically handed me money and said go for it. (Kids, make sure you do what ever you can to maintain good credit! It may not seem important but it freakin’ is!! – this statement deserves all the exclamation points!)

Writing got delayed because of my wheeling and dealing, but when I did write, I was super-focused. So that’s a win.

I can’t wait to have this little slice of heaven as my view everyday. I’ve spent much of this past summer going to the beach to write. Now I’ll be able to sit at my window and watch the tide roll in.

I’m over the hump with Maybe there’s More, Sarah’s redemption story.

Story Sneak Peak:

After her son’s request to stay with his father and subsequence avoidance, and her daughter’s reluctance to let her participate in the usual mother/daughter traditions, like getting ready for winter formal, Sarah starts to question her belief system.

Had she been wrong all along?

Then Brian moves in next door.  He’s everything ‘old’ Sarah would have rejected, but there’s something about this man that calls to parts of her psyche she’d always ignored.



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