It’s like Living In A Novel – Sadly Not A Romance

The past 20 months have felt like we are the characters in a book where the author is telling the tale of the transition from pre to post apocalyptic times, this is one of the crisis points.

  • We’ve had fires
  • We’ve had supercell storms
  • We’ve had floods

I think Mother Earth is trying to tell us something.

I live in southern British Columbia, Canada where we just had an ‘Atmospheric River’ that cause massive flooding.

We’re now waiting with baited breath to see if the pumps on the dyke, holding water back from a 220 square kilometer residential and farming area will keep working. If they don’t, the mighty Fraser River will flood the area with ten feet of water instead of the current two feet that’s submerging fields and barns, which are still full of animals that couldn’t be evacuated before the risk became too great.

Now, there is a fire at an RV retailer on the flood plane, 40 firefighters are there trying to quell the blaze, which happens to be located directly underneath a hydro-line of high voltage wires.

I feel like that character standing on the pages, wearily pleading with the author, “Enough already.”

Why couldn’t it have been one of my romance books that was coming true?!?!



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